Planning has now been approved by Cannock District Council with an aim to start the build in 2018.

Scheme Features

  • A high-quality, sustainable development with around 130 retail units, restaurants, a play area and a visitor centre
  • Improved highways with additional lanes and slip roads on Eastern Way to facilitate entrance/exit and traffic flow
  • Ample car parking and extensive landscaping
  • Pedestrian and cycle links from the development to the nature reserve, through to Cannock Railway Station and the town centre


The development will deliver a dual carriageway along Eastern Way, between Lichfield Road and Hayes Way, which will help alleviate any anticipated congestion. The proposed northbound carriageway will be two lanes wide, while the southbound carriageway will be three lanes wide in the vicinity of Lichfield Road. A median strip will separate the two carriageways. As well as construction of the dual carriageway, there will also be a signal-controlled roundabout at Eastern Way/Lichfield Road, which will include a signalised crossing at Eastern Way.

Highway improvements

The proposals also include improvements to each junction between Lichfield Road and the M6 Toll. These will ensure that roads leading to and from the site will operate well when the development opens.

Better pedestrian routes and cycle ways:

In response to near neighbours expressing the need for better and safer access to the site, the proposals now feature improved paths within the nature reserve, together with an improved pedestrian/cyclist shared path along Eastern Way.

Pedestrian access to the site will be available:

  • at Hayes Way roundabout, adjacent to the proposed vehicle access;
  • at Lichfield Road opposite the railway station through to the nature reserve to the west of the development, together with a path entering the site car park near Eastern Way; and
  • at Eastern Way, via the underpass through to the car park, as well as from the proposed improved shared path along the east site boundary.


The plans include extensive landscaping, promising to make the development a very attractive place to visit. Key features include:

A new footway/cycle path – This will be located along the western edge of the development. It will provide a link from the town centre and railway station, and act as the new route for the Heritage Trail, running through the nature reserve and then joining Eastern Way to the north of the site.

Retention of trees – We will keep as many existing trees and plants as possible in the area where the development meets the nature reserve. Where planting needs to be removed, there will be replacement planting to create a buffer zone between the development and the nature reserve.

Screening and buffer zones – There will be a substantial buffer zone of planting to the south, between properties on Lichfield Road and the development, including a mound and raised planting areas to increase screening.

Retail area – The design provides clear open space for easy movement, whilst including pockets of landscape and tree planting that will soften public spaces and create opportunities for external seating/rest areas.

Car park areas – These will include tree, hedge and groundcover planting to soften hard materials and give a pleasant, landscaped feel.

Eastern Way – Landscaping on the eastern edge includes the addition of tree avenues either side of the road.

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